The Company

Sicilia360map was founded as a sole proprietorship in September 2013, working in full compliance with its own development timetable, now uses an infrastructure outside of commercial, technical and technological support, individually, specifically and solely expert, because only in this way you can stimulate the complexity of the interests and desires of customers.

The will of the founder and external professionals in regional, national and international shared the “mission” and “vision” business, is to be a single point of contact for all service providers who want to create, growing from below and with a bottom-up logic shared and shared, a “Destination Sicily” based tourisms 2.0 (eg. beach tourism, mountain, food and wine, spa, sports, cultural, natural, religious, student, business, conference, responsible, sustainable ) proposed to be, knowing how to be and knowing how to do “System”:

A. – open and representative system:

the holdings of all the cultural, economic and social circumstances in a “land”, the Sicilian one, full of strength and attraction points;
the “stress” of national and international private companies, Authorities, Foundations, associations of categories, Professions, of public administrations, of families and individuals who like to directly and / or indirectly Sicily for its uniqueness.

B. – integrated system capable of making the products and services of Sicily:

“Usable” throughout the year;
“Palatable” for their quality;
“Simple, functional, transparent and integrated”;
“Available” again through highly innovative technologies.

C. – communication system to make known the “Galaxy” Sicilia known and the unknown.

D. – Information System, training, documentation and research to create “corporate culture.”

The employees or technological partners and the Sicilia360map clients focus their efforts and resources on developing their core business. The Sicilia360map commitment is to know, to understand and assess the local needs of the territory, programming and planning effective and efficient responses to:

promotion and marketing environment, the landscape and the territory;
information, study and assessment of culture through ICT, web 2.0, mobile, multimedia, new digital media, production and publishing.

Today Sicilia360map focuses its actions on the advice on the design and the promotion of tourism 2.0-commercialization in the territory of the Sicilian Region through innovative technologies that follow the market and customer needs